Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

  • Full EU Member State
  • Strategic Location
  • Advance infrastructure
  • Quality of life
  • Tax System
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Qualified workforce
  • Level of Services
  • Macroeconomic Prospects
  • Oil & Gas Explorations
  • Tourism Industry.

Cyprus Economy

Cyprus has a dynamic and flexible economy that has time and time again proven its capacity to adjust to continuously changing conditions. In the last few decades the country has established itself as a serious business and service center for shipping, financial services and commerce, and is classified by the World Bank as a high-income country.


The island’s accession to the EU in 2004, and the adoption of the euro in 2008, was the catalyst for transforming Cyprus into a financial and business services hub. Following the country’s financial bail-out in 2013, Cyprus has implemented major reforms and although still facing economic challenges, the small nation has proven its resilience. The year 2015 signaled a sooner-than-expected exit from recession and a return to growth, with GDP expected to increase by 1.4% in 2016 and 2% in 2017.


The island’s international financial center has suffered a blow in the wake of the crisis, but with robust restructuring to clean up the banks’ balance sheets and build stronger institutions with better supervision, the country is already reaping the rewards of these reforms. Bank deposits are on the rise and Cyprus has retained and strengthened its reputation as an attractive and effective investment gateway to the European Union and other high-growth markets. Offering a tax-efficient company domicile within the EU, the country is now also emerging as an attractive location for fund managers and promoters. The latest Credit rating for Cyprus is S&P > BB- POSITIVE – Moody’s > Ba3 STABLE – Fitch > B+ POSITIVE


The discovery of gas in the exclusive economic zone of Cypriot waters along with new investments in tourism infrastructure and hotels have already began to attract investments.  Projects with a special focus on marinas and golf resorts have encouraged new interest in large scale projects in Cyprus, and the country has seen a flow of investors looking into the acquisition of entire complexes and into projects that are both in the planning stages and already under construction. Part of the government economic growth plan is the licences for its first ever luxury casino resort, which will boost the economy further. These premier developments will become the driving force behind the construction industry in years to come. The varied range of exceptionally low priced properties together with Cyprus growth prospect plans, make this a golden opportunity to invest.


For the savvy investor, we have available for sale exceptional commercial and residential developments, with great ROI. These are blocks of apartments, office blocks, other developments and pieces of land for future investments all in prime locations.

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